Iranian Interior Design Award 2012 | 1st Place | Public Space Interior Design

21 sqm


City: Tehran
Status: Completed
Address: Tehran, Mirdamad
Client: Mr. Hadizadeh
Area: 21m2
Design Date: 2011
Architect: Navid Emami, Hamid Emami, Amitis Norouzi

Architecture Team: Arash Rezayizadegan, Mahsa Nobati, Ghazaleh Abedzadeh

Construction: Razan Architects

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We were asked to convert a small shop into a display of luxury clothing collection by Pandora. So we decided to change this small space into a big showcase and make the shop look larger. This strategy led us into creating a united form: A stair formed showcase which made items to be shown better and created a circulation pattern for the customers. Considering the functional needs for the shop, we extended the showcase and made space for a fitting room, a storage and a counter. The mirrors installed in ceiling have created a different experiment of space and items for customers by walking in the shop.