Chabahar Free Zone Organization Headquarter Design Competition 2017 | 3rd Place | Administrative

Chabahar Free Zone Organization Headquarter


City: Chabahar
Status: Idea
Address: Chabahar
Client: Chabahar Free Zone Organization
Area: 18000m2
Design Date: 2017
Architect: Navid Emami

Architecture Team: Saeed Souri, Shaghayegh Daneshmand, Arash Rezayizadegan, Nastaran Lajevardi,Parisa Hamidi, Reza Saderi

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Chabahar is located in the coast of Oman Sea with hot and humid weather. To cool the building, an overall sunshade prevents the building from sun in summer days.
In addition vertical wooden louvers which are dense in southern side help to avoid sun exposure. Horizontal sandblasted tapes decrease from down to up because higher levels of building is under the main sunshade and only the east and west sides are expose to sun exposure. Orientation of building lets natural airflow direct in.
Rainfall and drains will be collected for watering plants. Most of the energy needed for the building is provided by solar energy and wind power and building uses natural ventilation during the nine month of the year.