World Architecture Festival 2017 | Finalist | Iranian Prize

Memar Award 2015 | 3rd Place | Residential

Iranian Architecture Award 2015 | 1st Place | Residential

Best Building of Alborz Province 2015 | 1st Place | Residential

Ham Saye Residential


City: Karaj
Status: Completed
Address: Homayon villa, Karaj
Client: Private joint stock
Area: 6500m2
Design Date: 2014
Architect: Navid Emami
Architecture Team: Nasim Nouri, Saeed souri, Meisam Fallahi, Behrouz samadi, Hamed Ahmadi,Parastoo Narimisa,Fatemeh Rostami

Structure: Vahid Gharakhani,Bastan Pol Co.

HVAC: Nina Amoo Shahi, Hoofar Esmaeili

Construction: Morteza Hoseini Manesh,Farid Eslami

Supervision: Razan

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“Ham saye” means Neighbor Mohammad-Shahr, the chosen site for this project, is located adjacent to the capital city of Tehran; where is more affordable for low income people to buy an appartment. To ease the transportation for residents working in Tehran, some metro stations are deployed.
Based on the urban situation, prior knowledge and experience of the design for residential buildings, the architects tried to create a pattern within which all the expectations fit.
There are several characteristics that best describe the essence of this design:
Communication: the interior communal spaces provide the opportunity for the residents to easily communicate each other, as well as let their children play and study together while they have a pleasant outside view. Shared library and playground provide new definitions of the neighborhood as opposed to current modern apartments that are built all over Iran, within which residents have almost no communication.
Diversity: order is nature’s quiddity. In this project, the architects look for creation of inner order based on diversity as well as harmony. Reducing repetitive elements and using a modular design system resulted in a variety of different apartments, both in the structure of the plan and the exterior facade. Each apartment has its own unique plan, makes the owner pleased by its uniqueness. Different spaces of the building have different view, leading to careful design for the windows.
Originality: everything seems original here. All the spaces are designed based on a function, and there is no useless space in the whole building. Being home: the architects put their effort to create a home that best fits to a family’s needs.